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How to Travel With A Drone On A Plane

Can you bring a drone on a plane?The short answer is yes you can..This is a question that might have been nonsensical a few years ago, as the use of drones was not widespread, to say the least. Today, however, you’re not only asking the question — you need to know, specifically, the ins and […]

20 Awesome Tips To Make You A Better Drone Videographer

20 Drone Videography Tips We know that as more people are getting into filming with drones, it’s also supremely frustrating for newbies to crash their first new drone and make expensive mistakes. To help you all get better-quality footage and prevent accidents, follow our collection of the most practical and powerful drone videography tips.First of all, […]

How to Fly a QuadCopter – The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to learning how to fly a quadcopter or drone, you might feel put off by all the seemingly difficult technical jargon used to explain types of drones and their operation. Drones, first utilized by the military, are becoming more commonplace in our airspace, and are increasingly available for purchase online and in […]