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65 Things To Do With A Drone

What To Do With A Drone

Both hobbyists and professionals are discovering new drone uses every day. As drone technologies become more advanced, innovators will continue to find new ways to get more work done with the help of drones. To understand what to do with a drone, you should have a look at some of the innovative possibilities that have […]

How To Find A Lost Drone

Drone sitting on ground

Let’s face it, people lose drones virtually all the time. I’ve done it myself many times. Sometimes lost in a tree, sometimes lost in the wind. I send it up too high, get disoriented or the wind grabs it and it’s gone. If you lose a drone, here are a few tips that can help […]

Drone Safety Tips

man practicing safe drone flying

Drones are rapidly becoming popular, with their limitless aerial perspective taking the industry by storm. While they are easy- to- fly devices, they also pose a potential danger to their surroundings. This is to say anybody can fly them but not everybody can fly them safely. What drone safety tips should you take when flying […]

Drone Flying Tips

Drone Flying Tips

Drones are all the rage. Just for fun or for commercial use, it seems that everyone wants a drone. The fact is, just about anybody who can play a video game can fly a drone. With that said, we need to remember that a video game is stationary, ergo can’t physically harm someone. Although flying […]

How to Choose the Perfect Drone?

There’s no denying that drones are the latest tech trend to take the world by storm. Over the last few years we’ve seen commercial drones become more affordable and accessible to us average Joe’s. A drone costing less than $500 can come packed with features that a few years ago, wouldn’t have even been heard […]

How to Make the Perfect Drone Video

By Tyler Mason, Director of Digital Media, AirVūzWith more than 25,000 drone videos posted on, our team has had the opportunity to view some incredible­­ — and not so incredible – drone videos. Nearly all of the videos posted on AirVūz come from outside contributors, including professional cinematographers as well as individuals hired to shoot drone […]

How high can a drone fly?

Drones have become something that anyone can own. With just a few bucks, or just about $100, you can get yourself a decent drone for your enjoyment. Many drones have been developed targeting leisure consumers making them even cheaper and easy to acquire. With this trend growing in the market, millions of drones are now […]