Drone Fishing: [Take Your Fishing to the Next Level]

Drones are not just for flying and shooting pictures. More and more people are finding out drone fishing is incredibly exciting because it allows something few have ever seen or managed to do before.You might be wondering:“How can I use a drone for fishing?”With the right drone, you can scout for fish from the air, […]

The New Frontier – A Photographer’s Guide to Drones

The affordability of drones means they are now accessible as tools for photography. They open up exciting new potential for photographers, and can be used to take images in ways that would previously have been impossible. Aeriel photography with a drone requires a combination of flying, photographic and post-processing skills, and the main focus must […]

MJX Bugs 2 Brushless QuadCopter Review

The MJX Bugs 2 is the successor to the widely popular Bugs 3 and was unveiled in February 2017 at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. It would have been much simpler if they just named it the Bugs 4, but MJX is known for having a quirky product naming strategy. And their drones also tend to […]

Best Waterproof Drones and Quadcopters

There are drones with all different types of features and qualities; high-tech drones used by huge companies, simple drones used by hobbyists, and even waterproof drones to be used in in varying weather conditions. Drones are revolutionizing the way that we take photos, monitor geography, and perform aerial analysis. What used to take thousands of dollars […]

MJX Bugs 3: An affordable brushless drone

MJX Bugs 3 drone

Drones like the MJX bugs 3 are no longer a niche product. Like smartphones, they are everywhere. And just like smartphones, it took them only a decade to go mainstream. Apart from their obvious uses in military, defense and scientific research, drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are being increasingly employed in other businesses as […]

5 Drone Startups You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

5 drone start-ups you didn't know existed

Most drone enthusiasts know about major players in the industry like DJI Drones and Yuneec. Big companies like these are known around the globe for their intriguing array of unmanned aerial vehicles. While these well-known manufacturers garner plenty of public attention, they aren’t the only game in town. The drone sector is exploding with activity […]

How to Fly a QuadCopter – The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to learning how to fly a quadcopter or drone, you might feel put off by all the seemingly difficult technical jargon used to explain types of drones and their operation. Drones, first utilized by the military, are becoming more commonplace in our airspace, and are increasingly available for purchase online and in […]

The Best Drones Under 200

 Today we will be looking at some of the best drones under 200 dollars. When contemplating purchasing a drone, you should consider a few different factors. One factor is cost and another is your experience with flying drones. You might not want to immediately go out and purchase a $1000 dollar drone until you get […]

Best Drones Under 1000

Drones have become an almost daily sight for many people and their popularity is catching on for both personal use and in a number of different industries. The right drone for any individual is going to depend on a number of different factors, starting with what they are using it for. Today we are going […]