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Top Rated Drone Landing Pads

To prevent damage to your drone, you need to invest in good drone landing pads. With tall grass that can quickly destroy your treasured drone propellers and gravel that can get in the motor causing it to blow, it can be challenging to find a spot to land your drone. For drones with a camera, […]

Sharper Image DX-4 Drone Review

Lately we have had lots of people asking about the Sharper Image DX-4 drone, so we thought we would cover this drone to give you an idea if it’s something you should buy and what alternatives are available. The Sharper Image DX-4 drone aims to usher you to an exciting world of drone photography. Through […]

VR Drone Buying Guide

If you have been looking to take your drone flying hobby to the next level, then it’s a time to invest in a virtual reality drone. Unlike an ordinary drone, a VR drone uses the virtual reality technology to give you an immersive flight experience, similar to that you would get when flying a real […]

Top Drone Backpacks for the Most Popular Drones

With new and exciting options for aerial photography, the use of drones has exploded in today’s consumer market. For most people this type of photography seems to consist of images and videos of far away and hard to reach places. In order to get there hiking, climbing, lots of walking, or even swimming maybe required. […]

9 Things You Need To Check Before Buying A Drone

With the Christmas season around the corner, we all hurry and rush the shopping process in the following weeks. Hopefully, you’ve noticed that one of the most popular gifts that people want togive and get these days, are these fantastic gadgets called Drones.This market is experiencing tremendous growth, and chances are that you or someone […]

Top HexaCopter Drones


Drones have grown to become one of the largest hobbies around the globe. Drones have become so popular that many companies are developing technologies that will enable drones to replace human employees in situations that may be hazardous. While quadcopter models have led the way, more advanced hexacopters have begun to steal the spotlight, and […]

Best Underwater Drones for Sale

Are you looking for a way to uncover the various mysteries hidden under the sea, ocean, or lake? If yes, then you may want to invest in one of the best underwater drones, intended for that purpose.Different from the ordinary drones flown on the sky, underwater drones are waterproof, and transmitters do typically not operate […]

Best Mini and Nano Drones For Beginners

Most Nano and micro drones are designed for beginners who want to gain the necessary skills required in flying advanced drones. Both types are easy to operate, affordable, portable, and safe to fly indoors or outdoors. Their crashes are also not destructive. The primary difference between a Nano-drone and a micro drone is size. Nano […]

Best Used Drones For Sale (Certified Refurbished)

Refurbished products are more often than not, a way to get good enough products at crazy discounts. The case is not different for refurbished drones for sale. Many people mistakenly associate ‘refurbished goods’ for ‘defective goods’ but what they don’t understand is that most of the times these products are just as good as new […]

7 Of The Most Expensive Drones On The Market Today

The number of high end drones and quadcopters is growing at a staggering pace. From thermal surveying to aerial mapping to elite high end videography drones have gotten very sophisticated and complex very rapidly.Today we are going to be looking at some of the most expensive drones available on amazon today. We have compiled a […]